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Post  GoreFish on Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:40 pm

Name: She doesn't know, but she calls herself Saki Vaughn.
Age: According to her, it's something between 17 and 27.
Gender: female

Best physical characteristic: As she's quite the athlete, her agility, jump height and flexibility are impressive, but she has no overhuman treads.
Best Mental characteristic: She has an incredible imagination, almost childlike.

Abilities summary
Hand to hand: Capoeira (afro-brasilian fight dance style, quite dangerous if the opponent doesn't know how to use it ) (advanced)
Weapons: none, but if she has to, she'll take any kind of knife. (intermediate)
Non combat: pickpocketing and a lot of cynism

Techniques list
Hand to hand: Only Capoiera.
Weapons: none
Non combat: None she could control, but she falls into trance every now and then. It's quite rare and actually a weakness, since she's vulnerable then. She'll snap out of it when she's hit / adressed by someone.

Nothing but a really old diary written in a language and with letters she doesn't know. She thinks it's hers, but has no proof for it.

Physical Appearance:
Saki personally thinks that she had looked different before loosing her memory. At least, she says, the colour scheme must have been different.
She might be right, in some ways, she doesn't look like this was ever supposed to be her:
Her hair is a dirty gray, the kind of gray you can't call majestic white anymore, because it's too dark, but it's not black either. She also seems to be quite tanned, but somehow still manages to look like she lacks colour. Her overall colour scheme looks like someone took an eraser and tried to erase all of her colours alltogether, but failed to do so. The only thing about her that's different are her eyes. Their sandy, golden brown colour makes them stick right out.
She keeps her hair short and it's always a little messy, except for two streaks on each side of her face. They reach down to her breast and even become a little more black at the ends.
She's very small, around 5'4'' and looks frail. If you look closer, though, she's not really that delicate, but rather stringy and muscular.

As she doesn't care about clothing or looks overall she just wears whatever seems comfortable and good for running. That's mostly sweat pants or loose skirts and tight tops or t-shirts.
She also wears her training clothes quite often as she thinks that, if she isn't on her way to train right after she stands up, then she will be in a few hours, so she might as well run around in those clothes.They consist of short, tight pants and t-shirts. (Like most of her wardrobe seems to...)

Saki talks a lot (and always says exactly what she is thinking), but can also listen very carefully, always with a provoking gleam in her eyes. She can be really headstrong and stoic, and most likely wouldn't admit it if she needed help with anything, or if she was defeated by someone. In that case, she starts sulking easily and tends to bear a grudge against the person who, from her point of view, humiliated her. The truth is that she really would like people to help her with some things (like teaching her how to read again, everytime she does that by herself, her brain seems to block every try she makes off), but asking makes her feel pathetic, since she's ridiculously proud.

She doesn't understand metaphors or irony very well, and may have problems with difficult or long words, since she doesn't reember the concept of those (and most likely wasn't a native speaker to begin with, even though she got rid of her thick accent).
There's nothing she fears as much as her own memory loss. She fights it with all she's got, but still, the blanks keep on piling up. She's afraid that, if she can't stop it, her whole life will one day be a blank page again. This fear and uncertainty can send her into rage fits sometimes, or deep depressions at others.

Likes: Saki loves books and stories and desperately wants to be able to read again. She also likes pictures, dances and plays, songs of all kind,.... anything that she can use her imagination with.
Strangely, even though she can be so lazy when it comes to other things, she can't seem to live without her training, be it capoeira or reading.
Other than that, she has a thing for ghost stories and macabre things.

She really hates people who defeat or humilitate her in any way. Also, when she can't train, especially if it's because her schedule is full.
Above all, people who are careless about their or others history and life story, or creation itself, are the thing that makes her blood boil most. She can't and won't ever understand how anyone could be able to just throw something that valuable away, as she would give so much to have it herself.

Outlook: Optimist through and through, though with a touch of idealism here and there.

Saki seems to have amnesia, or something else that keeps her from remembering her past.
The first thing she remembers is waking up in the snow, near a big river. Around her were big houses and the sky was grey. She was bleeding from somewhere in her face, but she didn't care much. Later she'd learn more about the town, and she took on the name Saki Vaughn randomly, by listening to the conversations of people and picking out the names that sounded interesting to her.
She was always very curious about her old life, even though she can't even remember her own family.
She can only do as much as guess about it.
The only thing she has from that life is a diary she carries around with her. It's written in a language she doesn't know, and the handwriting could or could not be hers.
She asked some people if they knew the language, but always got the same answere.
Many of them said it reminded them of some other thing they had heard before, but whenever they had finished reading the next sentence, it would have been completely different from anything they knew of.
One day, she heard about hunters and how they seemed to be experts on their fields.She hoped they could help her, but never seemed to find one who knew about documents or was an expert in languages.
So she decided to become such an expert herself and find out about the diarys meaning on her own and thus, hopefully a little more about herself.
Even as time goes by, she still has blanks for memories sometimes, for example she can't remember certain events or persons. She might even ask the same person for their name five times in the same conversation sometimes, but those are really worst case situations.
Sometimes she can be seen doing things that make no sense, like staring at the pages of a book, even though she can't read, or standing in a hallway watching a door (or her feet, or the wall, or a window, or....) with a very concentrated look on her face (sometimes she's also humming some sort of melody that nobody really seems to know). That means that she feels like some of her memory is returning to her. Mostly, she just stops after some time. If someone talks to her about that time though, she won't remember. It's like she's in a trance which can easily be disrupted by such small things as someone calling her name.

Wow, even though the character is old, I had to change much for her to fit here and still make sense... Hope it does make sense.
I can't help but feel it still lacks something, but I can't tell what it is...

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Post  Mr Lockin' on Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:45 am

Everything checks out. It's wonderful, I will have to applaud you. *gives one clap* that's enough of that.


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Post  GoreFish on Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:25 am

Thank you, thank you.

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