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Name: Ayame Fuuga “Melisa”
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Origination: The License hunters
Position: Group leader
Specialty: Tracking down specific individuals

Best physical characteristic: Perceptive ability, agility
Best Mental characteristic: People skills, reflexes

Abilities summary
Hand to hand: Shinobi pressure point techniques (very precise strikes on the body which can temporarily disable functions) Above average
Non combat:
-Acrobatic gymnastics ability (elements of ideal balance and timing with her body) five years
-Free-running/Parkour (able to move though obstacles while running by using gymnastic ability on the fly) four years
-Poison Immunity (in her training she was made immune to all known poisons and toxins)
-Trained observational skills (able to intestate and obtain information from the smallest details) mastery

Techniques list ((specialty moves, make sure to number and give a summary))
Hand to hand:
-Strike of darkness: A chop like strike to the side of the head that disables the sight in the eye for a short period (five posts)
-Strike of silence: A strike to the upper neck on the side of the head which disables hearing in one of the ears for a short period (five posts)
-Strike of numbness: A chop to a precise place on a limb (shoulder, hip ect) which
disables feeling and movement in the target limb for a short period (five posts
*note, nen users can use gyo on the disabled area to undo these techniques in one post
Non combat:
-Rhythm Echo; an advanced technique in which the user moves with a specific patron of steps at an enhanced speed to create the illusion that there is more than one of them to confuse opponents, usually an opponent will attack an after image once or twice before the real user makes their move though it is important to note that the user can not attack and use rhythm echo at the same time, only use it as a means to create an opening or escape (en/gyo can see though this)

-Butterfly knives, six black ones kept hidden on her person straped to the side of her though and hip concealed by her clothing.

Physical Appearance: Melisa is average high and light weight with very slight curves and minimally tanned skin, her eyes are a deep brown and her hair is a dyed dirty blonde though it looks to be a very light brown. Her hair is worn with shorter bangs long in the sides and kept back tied at the very lowest point behind her shoulders. She has a sweet, friendly smile and underestimating her is fairly easy.
Clothing: Melisa dresses practically and conservatively usually in jeans and a fitting tshirt under a very lose brown jacket that moves down to her knees. She wears a plain brown belt on the outside of the jacket and simple black sneakers.

Personality: The term “ultra westernized girl” fits her fairly well as she projects the personal of the exact opposite of an otaku. Outwardly she can be very friendly and outgoing even to total strangers and can attract support from others quite easily. She often approaches situations rationally but her determination is usually to great to bend to meet the qualifications of others. She has shown some clear dislike towards the hunters association viewing them as an exclusive club and not people warranting her respect. She is often willing to share information with friends and is a very open, down to earth person who is somewhat adventurous and tougher than she looks.
Likes: A lucky break, western culture
Dislikes: Elitists (hunters), Japan
Outlook: Sympathetic realist

History: Though you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at her or even by talking with her but Ayame was raised to be a ninja. Born in a small secluded village in Japan her early years consisted of constant training, nen, kendo, martial arts, kanji, tea ceremonies and above all strict shinobi discipline. She was meant to become a Kunoichi and that much was set in stone, more over she would be expected to jump though all sorts of hoops to be both an assassin and a proper Japanese lady to earn the approval of elders whom, when push came to shove were just a bunch of old men that she didn’t respect in the slightest. Eventually she discovered western art and ideology which she revered just as much as those around her were discussed by it which suited her rebellious sprit just fine. Though months of tormenting the elders whom had such high hopes for her the village finally agreed to leave her to her own devices. Changing her name to Melisa and dyeing her hair to a color more her taste she set out to explore her new, nearly unlimited seeming potential. At some point in her traveling she came across hunters and while she disliked how they ran things she found the license and all of it’s freedoms to be very interesting. The fact that she already had nen made her believe that the test itself would be a snap for her. However though every single change proved effortless for her it came down to a challenge that seemed very unnecessary; calligraphy. Though she could have remembered her training and passed she lost her cool, why was something like this in the hunter exams?! She needed up failing just that one challenge, just that one little hoop she failed to jump though and she wasn’t allowed to become one of the elite? That was unacceptable. Resolved and determined Melisa decided shed get her license one way or another but realized that most advanced hunters had nen so she set out to find skilled people to help her acquire their cards.

===Melisa's Nen===

Given Nen type: Reinforcement
Secondary Nen type: None

Nen fields

Basic Techniques
Ten: 35%
Ren: 30%
Zetsu: 35%

Advanced Techniques

Shu: 25%
En: 25% (uses gyo to compensate)
In: 50%
Gyo: 100%
Ken: 0%

Hatsu: N/A (0%)

Nen Ability:
Enhanced Gyo/vission
The user has fully mastered Gyo to the point where they can use it to differentiate between auras, track where nen has been used, see though physical concealment such as darkness or fog and even see the individual aura nodes themselves. This makes the user ideal for tracking down specific opponents and gauging the power or potential in a nen user.
The gyo can also be used to guard against attacks, hold on to otherwise ungraspable surfaces, or attack with very great and precise power surpassing most ren or ken and even be used in multiple parts of the body at a time.
Conditions: N/A as her ability is simply mastery of Gyo

Secondary nen abilities:
Zetsu touch
Using gyo in her eyes the use detects the opponents aura nodes and brings their aura to the hands striking the body at the point of the aura node using their own aura to surge the opponents nodes and close them in to a state of zetsu temporarily, in effect taking the flow of aura away from that part of the body which is used to enhance her normal hand to hand skills as well as create weak spots of their opponents
-The user must strike the users body, not simply the aura
-The user must gather all of their aura to their hands and eyes so that the rest of them is literally defenseless (the normal drawback of Gyo personified)
-Five post time limit to the closed nodes at a time

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Ayame Fuuga “Melisa”  Empty Re: Ayame Fuuga “Melisa”

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As far as i can tell this is fine APPROVED

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