Shoji Caballería

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Shoji Caballería

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Name: Shoji Caballería
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Origination: License hunters
Position: Wearing down and disabling targets
Specialty: Artist

Best physical characteristic: Physical power and agility
Best Mental characteristic: Precision and strategy

Abilities summary
Hand to hand:
-Basic punches and kicks (talented armature)
-Grab holds and take downs (advanced)
-Swinging chains around (as skilled as one can get with out formal training)
Non combat:
-Master sketch artist (can sketch near perfect depictions of individuals/objects from simple descriptions on the level of a forensic artist)
-Photographic memory (can recall any image he has seen from memory with near perfect detail)

Techniques list
Hand to hand: None
Weapons: None
Non combat: None at this time

-An oversized padlock on the end of a longer thicker chain worn as a belt when not in use
-A sketchpad and large variety of pencils
-A walkman / MP3 player and a pair of very thick headphones

Physical Appearance: Shoji is taller and very slightly tan with a well toned but thinner body. His hair is pin strait and has some volume to it with a shiny black color feathered back except for a thicker stand of hair that falls over his headband on his left side framing his cheekbone. He has a relaxed air about him and isn’t exactly clean shaven. His eyes are a lazy hazel color.
Clothing: Shoji wears a fitting dull light green tshirt made from a light fabric with a pair of very baggy tan pants made of an almost hemp like material with larger pockets held up by a chain link belt. His shoes are a pair of simple brown sandals and he wears a pair of black wristbands on each hand as well as a brown headband and his classic headphones.

Personality: Shoji is first and foremost a very nice guy, he’s rather kind or at the very least civil to everyone he meets. He is a pacifist by nature choosing to listen to his headphones while his comrades plan their thefts he feels that his role in their organization helps to ensure less loss of life and feels that in doing so he is being basically a good person. He tends to adjust to change well even if he wont admit that he has and takes to certain people easily.
Likes: Music, art, quick fixes
Dislikes: Work, uncertainty, violence
Outlook: Pessimistic idealist

History: Shoji grew up simply in a middle class family in a western suburb but found that he was the laziest of them all and after flunking out of school and staying home for a long as possible he found himself alone in the world. In the city he found that his artistic skill, however great wasn’t enough to get by and quickly found himself in deep amounts of debt with some very dangerous criminals when the banks wouldn’t give him a loan. Just when things seemed over for Shoji a mysterious girl named Melisa emerged possessing outrageous powers with enough money to clear his debts. When she offered to teach him her superhuman skills Shoji refused only to have Melisa explain that she only paid off his debt so that he would help her steal the most prized possessions of some of the most powerful people on earth and that the only way he could get though that alive was to learn these powers called nen. Shoji reluctantly accepted with no other alternative to find both that he was a natural at nen, which was why Melisa had chosen him and that he was not alone. Soon Shoji mastered his nen and became one of the silence hunters at first hoping to have himself set for life then realizing that he was needed to prevent unnecessary bloodshed.

===Shoji's Nen===

Given Nen type: Specialization
Secondary Nen type: none

Nen fields

Basic Techniques
Ten: 35%
Ren: 45
Zetsu: 20%

Advanced Techniques

Shu: 35%
En: 25%
In: 0%
Gyo: 15%
Ken: 25%

Hatsu: 100%

Nen Ability:
Nen Poisoning
An ability which effects the opponents nen by placing an effect on it, the user’s body will begin to poison itself every time the victim uses their nen, in essence poisoning their aura. At first the user will just feel weak and a bit sick but if they continue to use their nen they will become increasingly ill until flu and indigestion like symptoms emerge crippling the opponent’s body and wearing down their resolve. If the opponent continues to use nen the symptoms will worsen until they begin to have even more visceral reactions such as vomiting, total loss of balance, vertigo etc. Though any rational thinking person would have stopped using nen by this point if the user pushes themselves even farther severe symptoms such as organ failure can result and even death in rare cases. Once the poisoning is cured or lifted the victim will make a full recovery with no problems. The ability can “poison” a persons aura with physical to physical nen to physical or nen to nen contact between the user and victim, the user controls when their own aura is “poisonous” and the poisoning can be transferred via objects that the user performs shu on to as that would be nen based contact. Lastly the ability can also be used to poison water but this is only a mild toxin which renders non nen users unconscious for very brief periods of time with no lasting damage.
-if the user says “cure” then the name of a poisoned person that person is no longer poisoned
-the poisoning dose not progress over time, only when nen is used, meaning if they don’t use nen the symptoms do not develop and if they stop using nen the symptoms will not worsen
-If the loser is knocked unconscious killed or defeated the poisoning loses effect
-The poisoning can be removed by a nen eraser
-If the user is 30 km from the user for seventy two hours the poisoning subsides

Secondary nen abilities:
Effect poisoning
Similar to the nen poisoning this ability poisons nen based effects in essence allowing the user to remove unwanted nen effects from themselves or others, this ability can also be used to add the element of poisoning to other nen users attacks.
-The user must touch anything they intend to add the poison nen to directly
-It takes ten posts for the effect to be totally erased

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