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Hollow (??????) Empty Hollow (??????)

Post  Tomajikate on Thu Jan 27, 2011 2:50 pm

Name: Hollow (Last name Unknown)
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Best physical characteristic: Coordination
Best Mental characteristic: Observation

Abilities summary ((styles/descriptions and experience levels, beginner, intermediate, advanced, master etc, note that you cant be a master of everything))
Hand to hand: Intermediate
Weapons: Advanced
Non combat: Beginner

Techniques list ((specialty moves, make sure to number and give a summary))
Hand to hand: Ten Fold Strike - Takes a stance to strike the opponent ten times using arms and legs as a flowing combo.
Weapons: Shield Parry Thrust - An offense-defense move using the shield to parry and the sword to attack the unguarded area it creates, cannot be blocked but can be dodged.
Non combat:

Equipment: Basic Sword and Shield, carried on back.

Physical Appearance: A nineteen year old boy with hanging white hair, rather small in stature but makes up for it with his coordinated strikes and powers of observation. His muscle tone is minimum, only an inch shy of a foot tall, he makes up for his lack of strength with reach.

Clothing: He wears a rather flamboyant forest green shirt. One of the sleeves being made of a fishnet fingerless glove sewn to the short sleeve of the shirt, the right sleeve, is a basic long sleeve. He wears black martial arts slippers and black pants, rather wide and flowing to allow movement.

Personality: He's shy and quiet, tending to avoid the crowd and sit by himself as an introvert. He keeps what he learns to himself but retains information better when he teaches it to someone else, a self hurting cycle of wanting a companion but wanting to be left alone.
Likes: Strong extroverted men, thinking to himself, being important
Dislikes: Being berated, verbal confrontation, sassy women
Outlook: Realist, Inquisitive

History: Growing up in a rich community his parents provided everything for him but he mostly stayed inside, using the internet and personal dojo to gain knowledge and training. He hadn't ended up in many fights from the weapons he carried. His hands would blister after hours of nonstop training, an experienced swordsman who had visited the town noticed this and taught him what he could before leaving which was only for a week. Through the mysterious man he learned the Shield Parry to Thrust, from there, he also learned that when disarmed he'd have to learn to use his hands. This wasn't explored thoroughly enough but he did learn the Ten Fold Strike and Shaolin Kung Fu. He wanted to ask his new teacher his name but it slipped his mind and by the time he left it was too late, he mentioned something about having to find his next job and that's the last he had heard.

Using the internet he found that Hunters had access to more services than he could imagine. After turning eighteen he set out of his walled in community to experience nature, the brutality it offered of hunting and being hunted. The cycle of life and death pursued him until he was at the breaking point, using all of his skills he managed to survive but only by a thread. He left the forest after running out of strength to endure, settling in a port town doing odd hunting and gathering jobs for the owner of an inn to pay for lodging. After learning about the hunter exam he decided to take part but wasn't sure when it was going to take place and used the inn keeper to keep an ear out for him.


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