Jao Satsujin

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Jao Satsujin

Post  Baise-CosmicHermit-Burii on Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:24 pm

Age: 17
Gender: Male

Talents and assets:

Physical: Flexibility/Speed
Mental: Fast Thinker/Observation

Abilities summary

-Jao Is a master of Hand to Hand Combat he is very talented and Has even developed his Own Style (Jao has no Specific Moves though)
-Fluid Movements and moving around make Jao good at Dodging
-Jao is good at fighting with weapons
-Jao likes books

-Pouch on Hip
-6 Daggers (Crammed in the Pouch)
-A whip (Bundled Up and Strapped to Other hip)
-A Sword on his Other Hip

Physical Appearance: Jao is average size, About Five Six. Semi-Muscular body (Not Overweight) arms Covered in Black Tattoos of Snakes, Which Stretch across His Body Encircling his Neck, ( One of them) Ending With the Mouth of the Snake Propped open next to his right eye. While the other snake Tattoos wrap around his Chest and The Tails end Somewhere around his legs. Jao has arching eyebrows and Piercing Grey Eyes which narrow when he thinks. His lips seem to be almost the same size except for his bottom lip is a Little fuller than His Top lip, But they are described by people as the 'perfect shape'. Jao's hair is a White color his Bangs cover his Face To just about his Eyebrows, While the rest of his Hair is shorter and reaches to just below his ears. His white hair is Often Put in Different Styles, Whether its Spiked Up or to the Side. Maybe even something different than that. But no matter what. His bangs are usually on his Face.
Clothing: Jao's wears a Black jacket, that is usually open to reveal a Grey T-shirt and Several of His Tattoo's , Jao wears a Pair of Jeans that are a very fitting, They are a Greyish Blue Color and Rarely ever get Stained or Dirty, Maybe he just had Several Copies. Jao wears a Pair of Flip Flops or Sandals Most of The time and Black Sun Glasses when its Sunny. Jao's Equipment is in Black Pouches on his Hip, Sometimes Hidded from peoples Eyes by his Coat or Connected to his Belt.

Personality: Jao likes almost anything, Unless its Birds that prey on snakes! Jao is very childish at times But he can be Serious . Jao will look at the Situation for what it is , He won't try to make it better. He will say it for what it is. Or at least think it. It bad situations Jao wont try to make it worse but he wont make it better. Jao is calm, The only time he can loose his Composure is in battle or when someone he really likes shows up. At some times Jao just really needs to kill someone. or beat them Brutally. If no one around is available Jao will become solemn and Grave. He will get a Certain look on his Face. In that time. He will kill Almost anyone unless they are his close Companions. Jao usually likes to think things out in battle and think of all the possibility's but at other times he can Just rush in. Jao is also cautious at times.
Likes:Cats, Books, Candy, Fighting, Snakes, JANKENPON
Dislikes:Eagles, Hawks.
Outlook: realist

History: Jao was born in the republic of Padokia , Near an area known for its famous arena. Heavens Arena. A Place where strong people gathered to make money and Become Stronger. Which as Jao grew up. Something he wanted to do also. Everyday he would watch his father leave for heavens arena. His father was Unemployed and needed a way to make money. And heavens arena was a good way if you were strong enough. Jao doubted his father made it very far in the Arena. Because every day he would come back with at least a few bruises and very little money. It made Jao's mother have to work more. Growing Plants. Working in the garden all Day. Jao was 13 by the time he decided he HAD to do something about how poor his parents were. Jao told his parents that he was leaving and would send all the money he made besides stuff for food to them . They were still reluctant to let him go. But he was Gone. Jao left the house and went to heavens arena. There were a few times he beat people on the first few floors. But he would get knocked back down every once in a while and He didn't get very far. Every once and a While he would meet a super strong person who could beat him in a Flash. He would hear Mumbles from the Crows "Using Nen on a Child" What was Nen? It was this strange ability Jao figured. And he had to learn it. Jao gave up fighting in heavens arena for a while. And Stood outside it with a Sign reading 'TEACH ME NEN?' Asking anyone and Almost everyone who walked by. Most of them would decline but one old man who had just watched a Match agreed to Teach Jao nen. Jao sent his family a letter that he was training. His father needed to go back to work. But Jao would be back to earning money soon. When Jao begun his Nen Training He didn't understand anything and Couldn't do anything. Jao trained for a month with no success and then His teacher suggested a Different method. For Jao to quit and Try again Later, It hurt Jao because he was a failure. But he Trained for four years and became quite skilled in Hand to hand Combat. By then Jao was determined to Become strong, Learn Nen. And earn money. And One of the only ways to Do that was to Become a Hunter. Jao had also lost contact with his family and They said it was fine for Him to Not send them Stuff anymore. And That they had gotten a great deal of Money. So now All Jao needed to do was earn money for himself.

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