Wakiza Drust W.I.P.

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Wakiza Drust W.I.P.

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Name: Wakiza Drust
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Talents, assets, and flaws: Drust's physical strengths lie in his endurance and running speed- he is fully capable of outrunning or outlasting most piers, even if he cannot overpower them or beat them in reaction time;however, Drust does not have the all-around agility to match his sprinting speed and lacks fluidity in his fighting movements. Drust does not have an impressive intellect, though he has a keen eye and the perfect hunter mentality. His ability to intellectually attack creatures stronger and fiercer than him does not always compensate for his lack of advanced analytic skills, but it does help. His biggest weakness is that while he knows how to be a predator, he fails to properly size up opponents, though he always brings caution with him on a hunt.

Abilities summary: Advanced Archery Training- Drust has learned how to consistently land hits on far-away moving targets (as long as they are not moving erratically), knock and release arrows in quick succession without detriment to his accuracy, recognize any environmental factors (such as the wind) that may alter the path of his shot and adjust for them, and recognize how to lead targets in case they or he are moving. However, he is not able to hit incredibly fast targets as his archery has been developed by hunting a variety of woodland creatures (those things tend not to move at breakneck speeds).
Blowgun Training- Drust has developed some skills with marksmanship outside of archery, however, at a range of over thirty meters his accuracy is questionable with the blowgun.
Clubbing Proficiency- Drust is capable of fighting with his warrior's club both one-handed (with use of a dagger in other hand) or with both hands, however, his movements tend to be sloppy compared to a trained fighter and most experienced warriors would defeat him in battle. Typically, he results to club fighting when put into a corner or if he has already debilitated his opponent through a well-placed arrow or a poisoned dart.
Knife Fighting- Drust's least effective fighting style is with his dagger, and while he can secure a wounded kill with it even on larger predators, a skilled martial artist could easily disarm him. Drust will only result to knife fighting if the situation absolutely demands it, and tends to prefer escaping to fighting the opponent head on with his dagger. The flaw in his technique is his movements are overstated and inefficient compared to a normal fighter.

Equipment: a hunting bow (slung on his back when not in use), a full quiver (also hanging off his back), a collapsible blowgun (held inside his jacket's deep pocket), an obsidian dagger (held in a leather sheath at the right side of his hip) and a loaded-stick shillelagh (a club with a thick knot at one end; the knot is hollowed out and filled with lead to add extra punch)) used as a walking stick or strapped to the opposite side of his hip when not in use.

Note: The blowgun's poison does not have the same effect on all people; children and smaller adults are knocked out within four posts of being hit (the poison wears off two posts after), while larger targets are slowed down to three-fifths speed for three turns after. Still, even stronger targets lose only a quarter of their speed for two posts after being hit. The poison is potent, however, it was designed for hunting smaller game (nothing bigger than a young buck) and so, lacks the ability to harm creatures as big or bigger than a bear.

Physical Appearance: ((three line minimum))
Clothing: ((include items, three line minimum))

Personality: Drust's demeanor is serious, and he is reluctant to speak his mind freely over casual subjects, however, he is capable of terse conversation with anyone. He is slow to a fight and slower to anger unless his "button" is pushed- no matter who the offending party is, they will find themselves in a scrape if they disrespect Drust's family or his people. This is because Drust's greatest passion is taking care of those who he loves. While he misses his home and his clan every waking moment, he never considers returning before his goal is achieved. That goal is to bring his people's trouble into the light of the whole world, and he plans to do so by becoming the Chairman of the Hunter Association. Drust recognizes the outlandish nature of his plan, and that he may never reach it, but will never be dissuaded and will work as long as it takes to achieve his goal. His determination and usual calmness are Drust's biggest strengths, though he tends to isolate others with his slowness to act or speak. There are times when his patience runs out and he tells people off, typically for their lack of perspective or if they are not pulling their weight. Those two things are pet peeves of Drust's, though he can commonly keep his temper in check. Drust is slow to realize when an opponent is out of his league, but if he is afraid of someone or something, he is smart enough to keep his head down and move on. Even when in harsh pain, Drust can grit his teeth and struggle through to get clear thoughts, but he is not capable of thinking straight when he is truly aggravated. He has no time for romantic relationships and no care for them either. Drust's greatest joy is the dream of one day becoming Chairman and coming home. He is a respectful man, even towards enemy or fallen foe.
Likes: He likes hard work coming into fruition, peace and quiet, the beauty of nature, helping the needy, and getting close to his goals.
Dislikes: Drust dislikes long and pointless conversations, displays of superfluous wealth, arrogance, unnecessary violence, and wasteful use of available resources.
Outlook: opportunistic realist (he realizes the size of his goals and is willing to wait years for them to come into fruition, however, he is always ready and willing to take any step forward towards success.)

History: ((one paragraph minimum))
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