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Post  Admin-sama on Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:25 am

Name: Jason
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Talents and assets:
-Keen sense of observation
-Vast foreknowledge of plants, and animals
-Survivalist education
-Healthy, able body with little sensitivity to the elements what so ever
-Very strong immune system (from years of living outdoors)
-Durable, and physically quite strong

Abilities summary:
-Survivalist training; Able to thrive in harsh climates with minimal tools, able to forage and craft all basic necessities from his environment by hand. Finding safe food and water, and dressing injuries beyond simple first aid are second nature.
-Tracking experience; able to track and identify the path of an animal or target, even identify marks in the ground that indicate struggles or other events.
-Hunting experience; As a survivalist he is able to hunt prey discreetly and effectively, and knows how to use every part of an animal, practicing ethical hunting.
-Woodland Craftsman; Able to use raw materials found in wild areas to create tools and supplies, able to set traps, build shelters, and assemble things with out the use of conventional tools and materials
-At home in the wilderness; able to use his environment to blend in and move silently, a useful skill for hunting and surviving in dangerous areas, even animals that live in the area can find spotting him to be difficult if he is attempting stealth.
-Survivalist cook; as necessary culinary skill to make a meal out of most anything eatable with out access to a proper kitchen or utensils.
-Survivalist medic; able to make-shift medical devices from raw materials found in wild areas sufficiently enough to survive with out outside help.
-Environmental fighting method; the closest thing to a fighting style he has, which employs the environment as a weapon in various, circumstantial ways, able to use most any facet of an environment as a weapon.

(though most of his equipment is made with what ever is on hand he tends to carry certain tools and supplies to most expeditions)
-Water filtration bottle (a water bottle that can purify water placed inside to a safe to drink state, metal exterior, holds as much as a standard canteen, this loads with microbe dissolving pellets rendering the water sterile, more effective than boiling)
-Wilderness hatchet (sturdy, non conductive, rust proof, single piece of coated metal with a fiberglass shock absorbing handle, ideal for self defense and wood chopping, slightly larger than standard hatchets)
-Utility knife (a sturdy, dependable, coated modern steel knife with one thousand and one uses in the hand of an expert, ideal for use as a survival tool but functional as a weapon)
-Camping gear (carried in his backpack, tent, bed roll/sleeping bag, simple campfire pot for cooking, emergency clothing and blankets ect)
-Medical kit (all first aid supplies with materials for stiches, splints and more complex injuries)

Physical Appearance: ((three line minimum))
Clothing: ((include items, three line minimum))

Personality: ((three line minimum, personality traits, motivations, goals, ect))
Outlook: true realist

History: ((one paragraph minimum))

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