Ravenous King” Danjo {Wip}

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Ravenous King” Danjo {Wip}

Post  Danjo-Sama on Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:08 am

Name: “Ravenous King” Danjo
Age: ((30))
Gender: Male

Status: Hunter
Field: Culinary
License: valid 0 star hunter, its worn attached to the prayer beads around his neck

Talents and assets:

Heightened senses: Because he has made his living by his senses Danjo’s sense of smell and taste are further advanced then most people, Owing to almost constant training over the last 22 years making him a rather gifted tracker.
Kings Hunger: The thing that truly sets Danjo apart is his inhumanly titanic appetite which has earned him the moniker of the “Ravenous King” For an unknown reason Danjo has never achieved true fullness since he began his hunt his body burns through food and drink with superior speed constantly supplying him with the energy of the meals he consumes .
Improved physical strength and speed: Danjo is immensely physically strong and quick, owing both to his constant flow of energy from his voracious consumption, and the great amount of physical exercise in his trade.

Abilities summary:
Master Chef: Danjo is a world class chef with a near encyclopedic knowledge and memory of recipes often spontaneously making new and exotic dishes and drinks from the surrounding area in an effort to satisfy not only his culinary curiosity but also his titanic hunger.
Near mastery in both Sumo and Buddha’s palm styles of hand to hand combat: being trained in these styles when he was younger and preferring to use non lethal methods to neutralize opponents. Danjo has found almost daily use for these martial art forms and using them to his body’s advantage has raised Danjo’s expertise in these art forms to near perfection
(Curry of life): Like many chefs Danjo is also quite knowledgeable about the physical and mental effects of certain ingredients making nearly everything he prepares beneficial and energizing.
Weapon Expertise Blunderbuss: The shot shaker has been Danjo’s weapon from the beginning even before he took the hunters exam years ago, daily use has improved his aim and strategy with it allowing him to mostly plan the radius of his shot-blasts
Nen Skills:
Ten: 45%
Ren :34%
Zetsu: 26%
Secondary level nen skills:
Ken: 37%
En :25%
In :25%
Shu: 13%
Gyo: 0%
Nen Ability: Materialization of the nenju Rikki: Rikki is a hybrid nine tailed Bull tiger fox or bull Foxger, He is a created nenju being 7 feet in length from horn tip to tail-tip. And 4 feet in height from paws to the tip of his 1.5 foot horns. He is 2 feet wide with 2 foot long legs and a 3foot long tail. His coat is fox red with black tiger stripes and white paws and tail tip and belly. Rikki has green eyes and has the capability of human speech.
Transformation: the nen beast possesses a transformative aura which has been trained to mimic the properties of fire, this allows fire to be materialized though the nen beast by way of its masters materialization ability.

Conditions: Conditions: Vow of Zetsu: Rikki’s defeat or dematerialization will result in Danjo being stuck in constant Zetsu mode for a week’s time. This allows Rikki to remain independently permanently manifested except in the event of defeat resulting in dematerialization.

Secondary nen abilities: Foxfire Ballet: Upon hearing the command phrase Rikki splits into nine smaller one tailed versions of himself taking off in nine different directions operating independently

Conditions: the foxies are 1/9th the size of the ordinal, and are a ninth of the aura of the whole, but are lighter possessing greater speed and agility because of it. (Activation key: vole (voh-lay) This means to fly.)

Non lethal hand blunderbuss “Shot shaker”: An antique hand blunderbuss which fires sprays of rock-salt and pepper flakes, this is kept slung through the sash at his waist. Opens on a hinge for easy loading of the shells (See picture below)
One large earthenware jug of highly potent 160 proof sake: once drank capable of when he uses his lighter to ignite the spray or breath allows him to spray fire at enemies this is kept hung by a strap slung across his shoulder.
One Silver Zippo, A small zippo style silver lighter with the crest of the hunter selection committee engraved into it the lighter is kept in another pocket of his voluminous apron.

Physical Appearance: Tall and well muscled, is 8 feet tall and 3 feet wide his body appears to be solid and muscular though slightly plump. His hair is long and violet tied back into a long wild ponytail held by a leather and wood hair ornament. His beard and moustache are also violet; his beard is split into two, two foot braids and tied above the ends with a red silk ribbon in a bow. Each side of his mustache is woven into a 6 inch braid and also tied with a red ribbon made into a bow

Clothing: He wears an Emerald silk mandarin collar robe the sides of which cut off at his hips bound by a yellow sash around his waist under a white apron; his pants are black silk slacks with a flame pattern on the leg cuffs. Black Chinese tai-chi shoes with long white socks, over his eyes he wears a pair of black Lennon shades and the implement holding his hair is an oval band of leather with two holes in the bottom allowing a needle to pass horizontally through to hold the hair between the leather and band. He also wears a string of black wooden prayer beads centered by two red coral beads on either side of a jade bead, on each wrist and a string of blue stone prayer beads around his neck.

Personality: Danjo is considered by most to be eccentric, though dedicated to his field he is rarely seen without a grin his happy go lucky attitude rarely ever broken. He has a deep voice and is prone to rumbling laughs. He’s a generally caring individual happy to help were he can. Prone to taking joy in the simple beauty and treasures that nature provides His obsession of course is ministering to his nearly inhuman appetite and discovering new delicacies. Though Rikki is a nenju and thus created by him Danjo truly cares for his created partner. Danjo believes in the next generations of hunters and their dreams his driving force of course is to taste all the world has to offer.

Likes: Delicious food, good wine, discovering new dishes, Drinking and or eating under the stars, Rikki, Dreamers, those with lofty ambitions,
Dislikes: Those who crush the dreams of other, those who kill needlessly, cruelty

Outlook: Idealistic

History: ((one paragraph minimum))


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