Basic conduct rules

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Basic conduct rules

Post  Admin-sama on Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:25 am

your standard forum rules here. If you have a problem you can PM an admin about it. If you are unsure about something use the ask away section or better yet donít do it

-The RP is for all intents and purposes T/PG13 rated in terms of violence, language and sexual content so please don't go overboard
-The admins are all powerful but not all knowing, if there is a problem you have to bring it to our attention!
-No spamming (posting just for the sake of posting or posts that do not belong in or contribute to the thread such as one word posts)
-No flaming (arguing for the sake of arguing or having vicious disagreements on the board, this includes baiting other users in to arguments)
-No Abuse (all abuse should be reported to an admin)
-Only one account to a user, if you are found to be using more than one account at a time both accounts will be suspended, if you wish to start over with a new account please tell an admin before doing so
-If you wish to change your name please announce that your doing so (frequent name changes are unnecessary, annoying and confusing)
-If you have to take a leave of absence please notify us
-Banners in your signatures are alowed but please keep them small as excessive pictures in signatures only serves to clutter the board
-Your signature will decide what characters you are and are not using, please include all active characters in it by name.

come on people, you know the drill

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