Drisoza (Finished)

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Drisoza (Finished)

Post  DevilBrute on Sat Mar 08, 2014 6:07 pm

Name: Drisoza
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Talents and assets: Drisoza's main strength lies in his incredible agility and his intellect and analytic skills in combat. His motions are fast a fluid, however he lacks the physical brawn which others have. This makes him weak in combat. Because of this, Drisoza is very crafty and thus often finds clever ways to defeat his opponents.  

Abilities summary: Drisoza's main weapon is his shurikens (A.K.A ninja stars). His motions in combat are smooth and fluid, and often prefers to trick his opponents, and use his throwing stars whilst they are in a daze of confusion.

Equipment: Drisoza ALWAYS carries 5 shurikens and keeps them stored in his belt. He pulls his trousers over his belt, as to keep it concealed.

Physical Appearance: Drisoza has a skinny, lean face and thin arms. His legs are average but his chest and his stomach are just above average in terms of muscle size. His hair is dark red and part brown, and he wears it so that it is always pointing up from his head, like a building. He is very pale, almost to the point of looking ill. His eyes are a bright yellow-brown color. His nose is medium sized for his face and is slightly pointed. He has faded peach lips, which are of average size.

Clothing: Drisoza wears a long black coat, which goes down to the back of his knees. It has many pockets but no hood. He wears dark grey tracksuit bottoms, with three blue stripes down the right side. Underneath his trousers hides a thin leather belt, which has multiple pouches for storing items, most importantly his 5 shurikens. The shurikens themselves are jet black, have 4 curved sides and a hole in the middle of the shuriken. He wears a plain black T-Shirt which has light blue stripes down the right side. These link to the ones on his trousers, making them look like a straight line.  

Personality: Drisoza has a jokey personality. He jokes around often, which is often his downfall in combat situations. He is very cocky and confident in his abilities. However, Drisoza hardly ever gives up and has a strong will to continue where others would have stopped.
Likes: Fighting, Winning, Being Alone, Reading, Training,
Dislikes:Losing, Computers, Being Inside, Being with people,
Outlook: Realist

History: Drisoza grew up in the slums. He cant remember who his parents are and has no family. The first memory he has is of him raising himself in the slums of a large city. He taught himself how to fight, and he also had to steal in order to provide for himself. He is very independent and has no friends. A lone wolf. Whilst he has never been to school, he is very experienced in combat due to the large amount of people who would try and rob him when he was young. Its a miracle how he survived, but he has now grown into a civilized teenager. He has no intention of making friends.


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