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I will post the rest after those events.

Name: Kaiser Leith but friends call him Kai
Age: 12
Gender: Male

Best physical characteristic: Skilled at martial arts, physically trained well
Best Mental characteristic: Good at analyzing, and not tricked easily

Abilities summary (styles and experience levels, beginner, intermediate, moderate, advanced, advanced mastery, high master ECT.)
Hand to hand: This is his best fighting method. He uses his unique fighting style based off boxing that has powerful targeted strikes
Weapons: Has minimal skills with most weapons but is skilled with a baseball bat.
Non combat: He is a great smooth-talker and is good with animals.

Techniques list (specialty moves, make sure to number and give a summary)
Hand to hand:

#1 smasher flare, Kaiser throws an uppercut at the opponent's chin and a down ward punch at the opponents head to squish them.

#2 Flusterrer, Kaiser throws 2 straights towards the opponent then switches to 2 hooks to the chin

#3 Splash left/right, Kaiser throws a straight to the stomach and a hook to the left or right side of the face based on if it is either left or right

#4 Proximity burst, Kaiser throws two straights toward the stomach at different times to measure the range and then retracts at different times and then throwing 2 uppercuts.

Weapons: #5 Home Run, Hits Enemy in the head with bat and then runs.
Non combat:
#6 Flattery, Uses a complement to stimulate a friendship belief in other's minds and then manipulates them

#7 Insult, Uses an insult to stimulate anger in other's mind and then manipulates them by using their anger

#8 Impress, Tells an awesome tale to simulate respect in other's mind and influences their choices

Equipment: (remember to give where this is stored and how many they have) A backpack filled with twelve 16 oz water bottles and a alluminum baseball bat.

Appearance: keep in mind he's young, he has brown hair, green eyes, and has lean muscles, he has clear skin and has semi-pale skin. He has high-quality clothes, he wears a t-shirt over a long green shirt and has brown jeans, and valuable jeans. His alluminum bat has a blue sticker on it that says "Slugger!" He is short for his age.

Personality: Kaiser is a hyper boy and will go wild with a medium amount of sugar, a cola can or more will do this. He is friendly but not a fool and he is very aware. He hates it when someone gets gloomy because he is upbeat but is very serious in a fight. He is very charasmatic and enjoys practicing smooth talk. He is very indepent and will only work with people he views as close friends because of his strong independance

History: When he was eight he loved sports, specifically baseball and boxing. He lived in a crime-filled town and he met his best friend during one of his baseball games and they both dreamed of being hunters. Because of Kaiser's love of animals he wanted to be a zoologist hunter, and his friend wanted to be a Blacklist hunter to punish evil. One day at a baseball game Kaiser's town was attacked by a strong gang who killed many people and attacked the baseball game. Kaiser was knocked on the ground and before he was killed by a man his friend took the blow and died. The bandit smiled and said, "Boy, you will live in regret from now on because your friend died instead of you," for two hours the bandits ravaged the land but a hunter came and defeated the criminals. He heard about Kaiser and said, "Cheer up, you have to be happy
because you are living his dreams as well." After that Kaiser smiled and changed his thinking completely.

Rank: zero star (just started)
Specialty: Blacklist and Zoology
Condition: Good condition, valid license

======================== + NEN ===============================

Given Nen type: Specialization

Secondary Nen type: Materialization

Nen field: Mild in most, bad at zetsu and in, good at Ryo and Hatsu

Nen Ability: Create and control a penguin who can create and manipulate (to a small degree) ice, and snow examples a blast of cold air, icecicle rain, freeze breath by absorbing the water in the user, the penguin has a personality but listens to the master completely, speaks in a language that can only be understood by penguins or the master. the penguin stays close to the user and can be "sent away" and brought back. it has a hard and sharp beak that is used for stabbing or striking.
Secondary nen abilities: Can learn animal languages by observing them for long periods of time. The master can learn the basis of the language in twenty minutes, mild skills in the language in an hour, and mastery of the language in a day of observation. However the master will get headaches from trying to listen to too many languages at a time.

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that's fine, I may make a forum for that

seeing as we already discussed him


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