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NOTE: this character already passed the hunter exam as an NPC and learned nen before hand, I have already goten the special permission for this (not that I needed it)

Name: Natsumi Ko
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Status: Zero Star Hunter
Field: Chemistry

License: Valid and in Mint condition

Best physical characteristic: Immunity to all known poisons and toxins
Best Mental characteristic: Pin point accuracy

Abilities summary
Hand to hand: Though she has no defined style Natsumi is exceptionally agile and precise in her fluid movements and precision strikes (moderate experience)
Weapons: Senbon needle throwing (expert)
Non combat:
-Over the years Natsumi has developed immunity to all known poisons and toxins
-Good looking and has no problem using it to her advantage
-Extensive encyclopedic knowledge of poisons and their compositions as well as their effects on all sorts of living things

Techniques list
Hand to hand: None to speak of
-Rapid fire burst cone: Rather than simply fire two liner streams of needles she manages to rotate her wrists to create a conic attack effecting a wider range
-Needle hook: like bullet curving but for throwing needles
Non combat: nothing that is a TECHNIQUE per say

-Natsumi’s poison: When Natsumi uses her hatsu on water it becomes poison, when introduced in to the body in low amounts or concentration it causes a fit of seizing in the victim for an hour or until they are tired out due to nerve poisoning, in high amounts or concentration it causes the same seizing but with a period of flu like sickness for about a week, the longer she uses her hatsu on the water or poison the stronger it becomes. ((NOTE: non lethal))
-Natsumi’s hair pin needles: 17 of these in her hair, and a roll of about 37 tucked away in he belt at the lower back, these are ordinary hairpins and not that sharp until the wait is thrown off downward by a flick of the wrist, causing the balance in the piece to shift and extend the needle a couple of inches to reveal a hypodermic full of her poison
-Natsumi’s needles and cartridges: apart from her hairpins Natsumi has hundreds of very small, thin needless made of a light extremely stiff plastic hybrid that retains the properties of meta while only a little less durable, these are filled with a more concentrated poison, these are in cartages all along the sides of her legs with straps, about 25 of these small cartages contains 50 needles each
-Natsumi’s needle shooters: these are her own invention, and one of the most useful, she has two of these small boxes only a little bit larger than the cartages themselves straped to her wrists, these can be switched on by a mechanism in front of the box itself (think spiderman’s web shooter) by taping the mechanism once a single needle is fired at immense speed, by holding it a stream of needles are fired rapidly, reloading is just a mater of changing cartages.

Appearance: Only slightly above average height and slender Natsumi is slightly pail and has wide open purple eyes, relatively sharp facial features and a lean, curvy body. She wares a very long, loose flowing orange dress which is solid cloth with no designs on it and light enough to have many folds in it, there are two slits cut in to it along the sides of the legs starting at the hips. Under this she wares simple brown short shorts with many pockets and kaki trim, black leggings that stop just after the knees and her cartridges strapped to the sides of her legs so that she might reach them more easily even when she is wearing the dress which can be cast off when more mobility is it needed being only made up of layer of a simple cloth. She wares a traditional Asian kimono’s belt despite having no other traditional clothing, this is worn at average height which is higher than standard western belts. She wares a light blue punk t-shirt with a bands logo over the front, though she dose not know the band. Her lavender hair is in a but near the upper back of her head with a large amount of hairpins in it, her bangs are long but parted down the middle just barely framing her cheekbones. Outside the t-shirt she wares a brown linen coat with long billowy sleeves yet otherwise form fitting, this is usually worn open and fall to her lower back. Her shoes are brown. She is consistently described as good looking.
Personality: Though she could be described as “Spunky” she would definitely resent it. Natsumi is somewhat street smart while managing to generally value the well being of her friends. She retains focused on the task at hand most of the time and takes criticism well, but for that reason she is quick to deal it out to people as well, she believes this to be constructive and a favor to others, she is often surprised to find that others don’t handle it well, though calculative she remains generally kind hatred while playing to her own ends.
History: Natsumi had a fairly normal life as she worked her way through colleague and majored in chemistry having some interest in toxic substances, soon after she found that getting a job was exceedingly difficult especially because she was not all that interested in having one, soon she resolved to become a hunter so that she might no longer have to worry about money or working. For years she trained to take the exam and failed it twice each time sitting one of the exams out in-between to train, in her training she came across her nen and began to use it. The third time around she finally passed but has yet to sell her license as planed. She is considering becoming a hunter by profession.


Given Nen type: Specialization
Secondary Nen type: None

Nen fields:
-Average Ten
-Sub standard Zetsu
-Exceptional Ren
-Good Hatsu
-Average Gyo
-Fair quality Ko
-A beginner in Shu

Nen Ability: Nen poisoning, she has the ability to alter the nen of her opponents temporarily, this requires nen to nen or physical contact to use and wares off when canceled by the user by the user saying the word “cure” then the name of the effected person or the opponent getting about 150 yards from the user. The opponent’s Nen, when “Poisoned” will take in a dark sickly purple color when seen with gyo and cause the victims body to poison itself when ever nen is used, the poisoning causes the victim to become nautilus, have blurred vision, and difficulty moving, though at first there are no symptoms each time nen is used they worsen, and using nen in greater amounts causes it to worsen faster and more severely however it is never fatal
-if the user says “cure” then the name of a poisoned person that person is no longer poisoned
-the poisoning dose not progress over time, only when nen is used, meaning if they don’t use nen the symptoms do not develop and if they stop using nen the symptoms will not worsen
-if you get 150 yards away from the user the poisoning stops all together
-the poisoning can be removed by a nen eraser

Secondary nen abilities: None

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Totally approved dude.

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