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Post  Admin-sama on Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:27 am

There are two kinds of other role plays,

1. serious storyline role plays, these are actualy happening and count for storyline reasons, any experiences that your characters undergo actualy happen,. meetings, the learning of new techniques, even Death all count. These MUST be labeled as such:
Serious: ((insert title)) Part ((number)), ((subtext optional))

2. just for fun fights, if your bored or want to tryout a new character and you followed the protocol you can have just for fun fights, these do not count, even if your chars die it will not actualy have happend, if you fight a character in one of these that dose not mean you met them, saw there technique or sustained any injury, they are just for fun, which means they do not really have to have a plat. These MUST be labeled as such:
Fight: ((your character(s) or team)) vs. ((their character(s) or team))

remember to follow all rules and to lock all threads when they are finnished!

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