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Post  Gael on Sat Jun 12, 2010 12:00 pm

Name: Gael Qui'ra
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Best physical characteristic: He is mildly muscular and quite flexible.
Best Mental characteristic: If he puts his mind to something, he almost always goes through with it. He is very intelligent and can adapt to a changing situation quite easily. He also learns quickly.

Abilities summary ((styles and experience levels, beginner, intermediate, moderate, advanced, advanced mastery, high master ECT.))
Hand to hand: Not skilled at all, but his kicks do have quite a bit of power.
Weapons: He is moderately skilled with a scythe, and intermediately skilled with a pair of swords.
Non combat: He is smart, adaptable, and flexible.

Techniques list
Hand to hand: None
Weapons: None
Non combat: None

Equipment: Scythe that he hold in a special sword-frog-thing on his back,which holds the scythe securely on Gael's back. He also has two swords, one on each side of his body. He also has a messenger bag containing several books, as well as a chain for use as restraints for no particular reason.

Physical Appearance: Appearance: He is of medium height, medium weight, and he is pretty muscular. He has longish silver hair and odd silver eyes. He wears a leather bracer on his right arm and a metal greave on his right shin. The greave is hidden by his pant leg.
Clothing: Gael wears a short sleeved red shirt with black flame-like pattern flowing through the shirt. He wears long red pants, again with the black flame design. He wears black boots, with the top part hidden by his pant leg. He wears a leather bracer on his right arm and a metal greave on his right shin. The greave is hidden by his pant leg.

Personality: Gael is a generally kind, calm, and whimsical person. He is very shy, especially around other men. He is very loyal to any and all of his friends. He really only limits himself with his morals: if a he wants to do anything against the law, he'll do it anyway, as long as it isn't immoral to him. If he hears that any item of historical importance or anything rare is in his vicinity, he will make plans to steal it. He has not stolen anything yet, but he will eventually. Though he is normally whimsical, when he fights, he is very realistic, adaptive, and straight forward. He will avoid attacking anyone, unless they attacked first. He is also a pretty skilled stragegist, but only while in battle.
Likes: Chocolate, cookies.
Dislikes: Those that disrespect history.
Outlook: Inquisitive optimist.

History: Gael grew up in a village built entirely into the trees. His people never killed a tree, always leaving the tree alive as they built their buildings into the tree. As a child, Gael was never one for pranks or jokes. He always tried to learn. He learned nearly every plant known to man, every poison, every cure, every antidote, every disease, every food. He also learned about Nen, history, and ancient artifacts. He learned of Hunters, their freedoms, their powers, their knowledge. He decided to try to become one. He traveled to ______(don't know where he goes yet T.T) to try to discover his Nen power.

===Gael's Nen=== ((NOT UNLOCKED))

Given Nen type: Specialization 50%
Secondary Nen type: Materialization 50%

Nen fields

Basic Techniques ((100% total, you must have some percent in each category))
Ten: 40%
Ren: 20%
Zetsu: 40%

Advanced Techniques ((200% total it is okay to have 0%))
Shu: 43%
En: 1%
In: 33%
Gyo: 33%
Ken: 0%

Hatsu: 90%

Nen Ability: Gael is able to make a full replica of any person for a limited time. The copied person is incapable of speech, must be ordered via verbal commands, and only answers to Gael. The replica is capable of using the original's Nen abilities until it vanishes.
Conditions: 1) Gael must get in contact with the aura of the person to be replicated.
2) The replica is created instantly, lasts for two -Gael- posts, and the replicated person cannot be replicated again for ten posts after the first replica vanishes.

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Post  Admin-sama on Mon Jun 14, 2010 5:20 am

well although I have some concerns with the character (mostly just the fact that the old information clashes with the new sheet) I more than trust you with it


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