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Post  Gael on Sat Jun 26, 2010 11:12 am

Name: Ranyx Hadmeas
Age: 31
Gender: Male

Origination: License Hunters
Position: License Retrieval
Specialty: Animal Expert

Best physical characteristic: He has an amazing sense of smell, as well as high agility.
Best Mental characteristic: Can come up with effective tactics extremely easily.

Abilities summary ((styles/descriptions and experience levels, beginner, intermediate, advanced, master etc, note that you cant be a master of everything))
Hand to hand: No techniques
Weapons: Uses tonfa for defense (Advanced)
Non combat: Knows a lot about animals, so is a Master tracker and hunter.

Techniques list ((specialty moves, make sure to number and give a summary))
Hand to hand: None
Weapons: None
Non combat: None

Equipment: Two tonfa in a sash around his waist, and a bag filled with assorted pieces of food.

Physical Appearance: Ranyx is tall and slim, with short, light brown hair. He is athletic, but it isn't very obvious. His eyes are a hazel color. He is lightly tanned, enough to notice, but it isn't quite brown yet. He has small scabs and cuts all over him from his trips through the brush. His aura is as blue as the ocean.
Clothing: Ranyx wears a haphazardly stitched together leather shirt made of varied brown hues and of varying thicknesses. His leather pants are made the same way, but the hues are more dark, whereas the shirt is lighter in hue. He wears a dappled brown and dark green sash around his waist. He wears another haphazardly made article of leather as a gauntlet on his right hand. He also wears homemade leather shoes.

Personality: Ranyx is mostly cheerful, carefree, and helpful when he and his team don't have a target. He tries to keep his 'friendships' tied in closely with just the team of license hunters, in case an attack went awry. On a mission, he is very determined and doesn't tolerate joking or stupidity. When under attack, Ranyx is calculating and tactical, not aiming to win, just escape.
Likes: Teammates, animals, chocolate.
Dislikes: Overconfidence, jerks, an opposing ideology.
Outlook: Idealist, but will face realism if necessary.

History: Ranyx was born on the outskirts of a large town by a forest. He spent all of his time as a kid hunting and trapping animals with his father. When he was around 19, he had gone into town so sell some excess meat when he overheard some people talking about the hunter exams. He asked for his parents' permission to go looking for the exams, and they gave him it. At the exams, he managed to get pretty far into the exams, when he lost in a fight to someone he was POSITIVE cheated. Angry at losing, he stomped off with an insane amount of childish temper. When he headed to the atrium area to cool off, he heard about Nen. He became determined to learn Nen and to get a hunter's license. He learned Nen, and he joined the license hunters, deciding that hunting around for another hunter exam would be too much trouble.

===Ranyx's Nen===

Given Nen type: Materialization
Secondary Nen type: ((what nen type you trained to possess in addition to your first (must be adjacent to your given type) this is optional, also include experience level and update when appropriate with a notification, include percentage))

Nen fields

Basic Techniques ((100% total, you must have some percent in each category))
Ten: 66%
Ren: 10%
Zetsu: 24%

Advanced Techniques ((200% total it is okay to have 0%))

Shu: 10%
En: 60%
In: 10%
Gyo: 20%
Ken: 0%

Hatsu: 100%

Nen Ability: Ranyx can create multiple Nen wolves, capable of passing through solid objects, as well as biting onto solid objects. The wolves are medium sized, and made out of Ranyx's blue aura. Ranyx may disperse them at any time, and his aura will automatically flow back to him.
Conditions: Ranyx may only summon up to six wolves at a time. If he tries to go over that number, all wolves will disperse and he must wait two -Ranyx- posts in order to summon more.
Ranyx may only summon one wolf a post.
Ranyx must control the wolves with puppeteer-like gestures.
The wolves cannot swallow anything, they can only bite.

Secondary nen abilities: Ranyx can gather his aura and fire it in the shape of a wolf's head. The wolf head may manipulate its own jaws in order to chomp down better. The wolf head is 6 feet tall. The wolf head is able to bite solid things. Ranyx may disperse the wolf in order to get the necessary aura back.
Conditions: The head may only move in a straight line.
Ranyx needs all of his aura for this move.

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position = liscence rteival specahlty = animal trainer/woodsman/wildlife expert what ever

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