What to do and when

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What to do and when

Post  Admin-sama on Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:20 am

In order to start RPing properly, you should do the following in order assuming you have some knowledge of Hunter x Hunter:
Step One: Get an account and log in, read all the rules.
Step Two: Envision your character, maybe even fill out the character sheet in a word document
Step Three A: if you want to have your character become a hunter wait for the next hunter exam and take it
Step Three B: if you do not want to become a hunter you may form a group or go right to nen training
Step Four: Go to nen training and have your character learn nen and master his/her ability(s)
Step Five: After mastering becoming a hunter/joining a group/learning nen you are now completely in the drivers seat for your own storyline, start RPing in other role play and enjoy

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